In Limbo


A variety of acrylic and spray paints on 200 x 150 cm canvas. All the paintings come with a certificate of authenticity and are ready to hang!

When you are in a situation where you do not know what will happen or when something will happen you are in limbo. That was exactly the feeling I had when I saw this painting when it was finished. Both individuals also look like they are in limbo, so I just had to name it In Limbo. A title that suits the painting!
I created this with a lot of layer of black and white paint. Not just one brand, but around 12 different brands. Some thick, some fluid, some pray and some pasty. I really felt building a black and white painting with colorful eyes. Something different for a change, but still close to me.

This is also a combination of neo-expressionism and pop art. The painting had a beautiful depth due to all the layers of paint.

Watching is makes me in limbo