Nautical Order


Mixed media on 78,74″ x 78,74″ or 200 x 200 cm painting. The painting is mounted on a wooden support, is ready to hang and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

I wanted to create an colorful, abstract painting inspired by the submarine life. I love how the world goes with the flow underneath the surface of the sea. It has such a tranquilizing motion. Laws of nature, laws of the sea. A nautical order. And within this order I have created such a strong contrast with vibrant colors and motions in a very large, eye catching painting filled with little details and shimmering gold paint effects.

The style is a blend of abstract-expressionism, street art, neo-expressionism and neo-pop art.

Nautical Order is a 78,74″ x 78,74″ or 200 x 200 cm painting. A massive, colorful eye catcher.

The materials used in this painting:

• White Gesso
• Amsterdam acrylics
• Windsor & Newton acrylics
• 94 spray paint
• Molotov spray paint
• ARA acrylics
• Lukas Cryl acrylic
• Gold paint
• Posca paint pens
• Windsor & Newton graffiti marker
• Molotov graffiti marker
• KRINK graffiti ink
• Amsterdam mat varnish