The Devils Marbles


Acrylic, spray paint, ink and oil stick on 140 x 100 cm canvas (55,12″ x 39,37″), stretched on a supported wooden frame and ready to hang!

This is one of those painting in which I had to idea where I’d end up. I just started and and had fun as I went along.
Bight colors, layer of layer, day after day. Heaps of fun!
I started to recognize the shape of the devils, a plant and a pineapple and decided to work with the shapes.
After probably 40 layer I added eyes on the semi abstract shapes and brought them to life in a childish way.
I had multiple thoughts during the process of the painting and I they did not all made sense. One of the thought was becoming rich. I don’t care about money at all, but decided to be rich in one year from now. Talking about bold contrasts.
Humor combined with goals. Abstract shapes combined with semi-realism. All heavy contrast in one picture.