Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, stretched on a wooden supported frame of 100 x 100 cm (39.37” x 39.37”)

Filling the gab between drawing in 3d and painting on canvas Ramon also doodles on canvas. He selects a recognizable shape like a gun, a heart or a bottle and doodles around it. The doodles are inspired by random thoughts of the moment and subject. By cleverly adding shadows on certain spots the illusion appears if multiple layers. This style of paintings is actually drawing with paint on canvas and creating the illusion of depth.
Each Doodle painting has a special blended varnish with matching flakes. The flakes create a sparkle which is visible from an angle in sunlight and gives it an amazing rich look. This painting has a violet flake varnish.

This painting is inspired by math, physics and chemistry. The world is filled with amazing inventions and crazy thought partly due to these subjects. Somehow they have always caught my attention and fascination. Ode to the beautiful nerds!