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Optical Illusionism

book of sharks 20140505 1565533538

Optical Illusionism is a combination of drawing and photography. The end result is a photograph of a drawing. The photograph is always taken from a certain angle, which makes the drawing come to life. The original drawing is always added inside the frame.



id rather play videogames 20190222 1751116712

Ramon Bruin’s paintings are informed by his everyday experiences and observations. They are autobiographical; sometimes confessional and frequently handled with a humorous sense of humour. Dramatical scenes are painted with a smile and a different angle of view. Ramon captures situations that either involved him, or others that he has witnessed, in public and private moments that passed by as unremarkable, at a glance


Doodle Paintings


 Filling the gab between drawing in 3d and painting on canvas Ramon also doodles on canvas. He selects a recognizable shape like a gun, a heart or a bottle and doodles around it. The doodles are inspired by random thoughts of the moment. By cleverly adding shadows on certain spots the illusion appears if multiple layers. This style of paintings is actually drawing with paint on canvas and creating the illusion of depth.


 Multi Layered / Commision Art

under construction 20161118 1495676260

The multi layered Illusions are drawn on paper or multiple sheets of paper. The different sheets of paper are interactive with each other and photographed from an angle the illusion appears they are stacked on top of each other. By exploring this style Ramon creates a lot of commision art for companies. 

Framed Realism

In Case of Emergency

Framed Realism is a series of small object paintings on torn 300 gsm paper. The torn paper has a sharp contrast with the thick white frame. The painted objects would actually fit inside the frame if they were real. Frame size is 72,4 x 54 x 3,6 cm with museum glass.


Objects & Custom Art

 card 20161119 1004824225

You guessed it! A selection of painted objects and commision art like book covers, album covers, shoe boxes, umbrellas and many more


Portrait Square Series

ramon 20161119 1145801851

A series of black and white portrait paintings, all 120 x 80 cm on canvas. Made with spray paint (and a lot of sticky tape)