Hi, my name is

Ramon Bruin and I am an artist from the Netherlands. Back in 2012 I gained worldwide recognition for my own unique style called ‘Optical Illusionism’. Since then my artwork has been shown in over 70 countries. 

Besides 3d drawing I master several styles of drawing and painting…

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So yes, the images above is really just a selection of all the stuff I create. Whether it is a drawing of a bird, an absurd painting, a design of a fragrance bottle or a street painting. I’ve created thousands of cool stuff over the years. Perhaps you wanna take look at the gallery? I know it’s A LOT, but just take you time and browse and otherwise have some fun with a couple of videos of my blog!



Original art doesn’t have to be expensive! I made a really cool series of Floating Abtracts and  sarcastic One-Liners. All painted on canvas board. Affordable, one of a kind and available at the Etsy shop!


Interviews, step by steps, how-to’s, process videos and funny One Minute Video there is so much to see!

What kind of artist would I be if I didn’t have a blog, right? 

Just kidding. I’ll try to keep the blog as up to date as possible. I feel like some of the stuff I create really needs a bit of explanation. How else would people ever understand me? (don’t even try!) 


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