Cheese Platter


Acrylic, spray paint, ink and oil stick on 100 x 100 cm canvas (39,37″ x 39,37″), stretched on a supported wooden frame and ready to hang!

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Most of the time I paint stories that I have experienced. Cheese Platter is an unique story which I haven’t experienced yet! For more then over a year me and a friend are trying to plan a crazy night in Amsterdam, but so far we have succeeded yet. Because it got stuck in my head I thought about it a lot and for me the only way to get rest in my mind is to paint what I have stuck in my thoughts.
So I am telling the story in advance. This is how I think the night will end. Me passing out on the floor, he passing out on the sofa in a Spider-man suit, his pet Great Tit watching over us, and booze, guitars and other fun surrounding us.
We all have stories of going out and enjoying crazy night. I may be able to paint a thousand paintings by these stories alone. This painting is the only story which still has to happen.