European Roadtrip


European Roadtrip is a blend of colors and crazyness. It is inspired by the holiday stories we tell each other. Some stories bigger then the other. Mix them all togother and you get one absurd painting. Not all stories are happy stories. Some come home with a bandaid. This really is a painting in which you can discover stories but also project your own stories.

It is a 66,93″ x 47,24″ (170 x 120 cm) painting, mixed media in a neo-expressionism, abstract, urban, pop art style with touches of trompe l”oeil / semi-realism

The materials used in this painting:

• White Gesso
• Amsterdam acrylics
• Windsor & Newton acrylics
• 94 spray paint
• Molotov spray paint
• ARA acrylics
• Posca paint pens
• Windsor & Newton graffiti marker
• Molotov graffiti marker
• Amsterdam mat varnish

The painting is ready to hang and comes with a Certificate of Authenticy!