A variety of acrylic- and spray paints on 78,74″ x 78,74″ or 200 x 200 cm canvas. Including Certificate of Authenticity and a hanging wire on the back, so it is ready to hang!

Snafu is military slang for Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. Snafu means a confused or chaotic state; a mess. And that is what this is. It is utter snafu. Bright colored snafu, but really fun to look at. There is loads happing is this 78,74″ x 78,74″ or 200 x 200 cm painting. I worked on this painting for several months and the materials I used to create it are:

• White Gesso
• Amsterdam acrylics
• Windsor & Newton acrylics
• 94 spray paint
• Molotov spray paint
• ARA acrylics
• Lukas Cryl acrylic
• Posca paint pens
• Windsor & Newton graffiti marker
• Molotov graffiti marker
• KRINK graffiti ink
• Amsterdam mat varnish