Cops and Robbers


Acrylic and spray paint on 200 x 150 cm canvas

Cops and Robber is beauty! It is really smashing, vibrant and alive. The colors are mainly primary colors which work so well together. The thought behind this painting is trust in humanity. Robbers aren’t always bad! I believe people in general aren’t bad at all. So I had this image in mind of a policeman, perhaps an American State trooper who ran into a ‘bad guy’. The bad guy has sort of a guilty look in his eyes, but the policeman don’t care. He trusts the man is a good dude and all he can do is laugh, enjoy life and have fun. It raised the question: What’s good and what bad? It is a pretty absurd painting, but it comes from a good heart.

Although it appears it only has a few colors, this painting is actually build by lots of layer of acrylic and spray paint. All different hues of reds and blues so there are actually so many colors in this paintings. It is a very fresh painting!